1984-1988          PhD on gene expression, LGME, Strasbourg, France

1989-1991          Post-Doc on neural development, University of Washington, Seattle, USA



1992-1996          CR1 CNRS, LGME. Group leader.

1997-2006          DR2 CNRS, IGBMC, Strasbourg, France

2007-                   DR1 (Directeur de Recherche 1ère classe) CNRS, IGBMC

1993-2009          Scientific coordinator IGBMC imaging facility.

SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE MEMBER (Last 10 years): 2003-2007 CT1 committee INSERM; 2006-2010 FRM scientific committee; 2007 ANR; 2007 SAC for the Wien Drosophila RNAi Center; 2008-2012 Telethon Review Committee and Scientific Council (Italy); 2002-2012 EMBO meeting on Drosophila Development; 2011-2014 ARC committee CN3; 2013 AERES; 2014-2017 SAB LBMC Lyon.

SOCIETIES: Genetics Society of America; Society for Neuroscience; Societé Biologie Développement

GOVERMENTAL AND PRIVATE AGENCIES: ERC, EEC, HFSP. USA: NSF, Mac Arthur Found., FRAXA Found. Germany: DFG, Max Planck Inst., Boehringer Ingel. UK: Welcome Trust, BBSRC. Belgium: Ministry of Education, VIB, FWO. Swiss National Science Found. France: Research Ministry, FRM, ARC, ANR, INSERM, CNRS, AFM, ARSEP, LIGUE. Italy: AIRC, MURST, CNR, Telethon.

PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS: Nature Neuroscience Reviews, Cell, Current Biology, Genes & Development, PNAS, Development, EMBO J, EMBO Rep, EMBO Mol Med, Genesis, Genetics, HMG, J. of Neurochem, JCB, Dev Biology, IJDB, FEBS, MOD, Genes Development & Evolution, BMC Genomics, MCN, BMC Dev Biology, J Comp Neurology, Glia, Dev Dynamics, NAR, Neuroscience, JoVE, PLOS One.

DIPLOMAS: Jury member for many ‘Habilitation à diriger des recherches’, PhD and master theses.


1989-1990          EMBO Fellowship
1997-2000          HFSP Grant coordinator
2000-2003          EEC Grant coordinator
2006-2008          Labélisation FRM
2009-2011          Labélisation ARC
2009                     Awardee of the International Franco-Taiwaneese Prize from the Académie des Sciences et from the Taiwanese National Scientific Council
2010-2013          ‘Prime d’excellence scientifique’ CNRS
2013-2015          USIAS fellow
2015                    Equipe à l’honneur ARC

PUBLICATIONS: 64 primary articles + 3 submitted, 21 chapters/reviews. 56 articles as last author

PRIMARY ARTICLES (past 5 years)

C. Ottone, A. Giangrande, F. Graziani and A.Verrotti di Pianella (2012). J Cell Sci, 125, 3114-23.
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S. Abekhouk, B.H. Sahin, M.  M. Milà, A.C. Smith, A. Giangrande, I. Caillé, B. Bardoni. DMM, In Press.


24 INVITED LECTURES AT MEETINGS (selection, past 5 years)

29 SEMINARS (selection past 5 years)

TRAINING: 22 postdocs; 19 PhD students; 25 Master students; >30 rotations students, 35 tech
TEACHING: undergraduate (Master) and graduate students in France and abroad

COLLABORATIONS: Welcome Inst, Mainz University, IGH Montpellier, Biozentrum Basel, NCBS Bangalore, IIGB Naples, Academia Sinica Taipei, Weissmann Inst, Revohot, VIB Belgium, Japan, China, IGBMC, Inst vision Paris, U Bologna, U Lecce.

MEETING ORGANIZATION (past 5 years): EMBO meeting on Drosophila Development (2002-2012); National fly meeting 2013; Developmental Biology Society meeting 2014; Invertebrate neural development Basel, 2015; EDRC European fly meeting, workshop, Heidelberg, 2015; EMBO meeting on Neural Development, Taipei, 2015 and 2018; meeting on fly macrophages, Woods Hole 2016 and Austria 2018; International Developmental Biology meeting 2017; European glia meeting, workshop Edimburgh 2017; Neurex Workshop on glia and microglia, Strasbourg 2017.

LIFE AT IGBMC AND OUTREACH: PhD program and PI recruitment committee member. Journée porte-ouverte Fondation Sclérose en Plaque 2016. Hosting high school students: 2014-2015. FR3 interview.